July Health Challenge

Summer is the perfect time to challenge yourself. School is out and you have plenty of free time. However, staying fit and healthy can be hard in the summer months. The heat makes you crave sweet chilling treats and late summer nights turn into sleeping the next day away. So join me with this fun but tough July Health Challenge. I’ve broken down the challenge into three categories diet, fitness, and self wellness. Follow just one or do all three with me. I promise after completing the challenge you will feel better and might even look better 😉


I’m a strong believer in a healthy balanced lifestyle. Get your healthy lifestyle rolling with this diet challenge. (I use the word “diet” as the word to describe your daily food intake. Not that dreaded thing we go on to lose weight)

  • Have 1 “cheat day” or 3 cheat meals a week. incorporating a cheat day is must for me since July is my bday month. (I’ll be turning 21!!!!!) I want to stay on track with my health but still want to feel like I’m enjoying life. It’s all about balance.
  • Drink Water! Save the sodas (yes even diet sodas) and sugary juices for your cheat day. Instead consume your daily required water intake. (take your body weight divided by 2 and then add oz to it) I like using a water tracking app called Plant Nanny. You get to water your cute little plant and watch it grow all while tracking your water.
  • NO ADDED SUGAR. This is probably the toughest rule in the challenge. Added sugar is sneaky and is in pretty much everything. Read your labels and look for added sugar, this includes cane sugar, maple syrup, and honey. (Sugar from fruit is fine)
  • 1 Gluten free day. I really want to see how I feel with zero gluten for a day, and just like sugar gluten is literally in everything. So make sure you’re double checking labels.
  • Limit dairy intake. I LOVE CHEESE, but my body doesn’t. Plus if you’re experiencing  issues with acne, dairy might be the problem. (limit does not mean completely get rid of it. Just challenge yourself to not have it in every meal)


  • Workout or do a physical activity 5 days out of the week. Get creative working out does not have to be a boring gym workout…. It’s summer get outside!! Go for a swim, a hike, or a walk and enjoy summer while also being active.
  • Stretch daily. Your muscles will thank you later. Set a side 5 minutes in the morning or evening to just relax and stretch out your body. I’m going to do a yoga combo to start my mornings off right.
  • Try a fitness class this month. I’m going to try to go to a fitness class each week, because they are included in my gym membership. Lots of fitness studios have a low rate for first time students. Go try out cycling, hot yoga, or barre, you might find your new favorite workout. Plus, group classes are so motivating and perfect for people who have no clue where to start with fitness.


  • Spend time with God daily. It is so easy to live life without taking the time to the thank the one who is creating all this goodness in our lives. Your soul is probably craving some 101 time with the lord.
  • Create a routine. During the summer it’s so easy to fall out of our typical routines. Create your own summer morning and night routine. Having a routine will help make your summer more productive.
  • Do a social media detox. 1 day a week go social media free. You’ll suddenly notice how much more time you have for more important things.
  • Read more. Weather you enjoy reading the news, the bible, or a page turning novel set aside time daily to read. I’m going to switch scrolling on my iPhone before bed to reading.


There is 31 days in July! You can do it. These challenges will help your body, mind, and spirit. I’ll be doing weekly updates on how I’m doing with these challenges, and sharing healthy recipes. Keep me posted on your progress by tagging me in your posts or emailing me.

PS: I love this quote I found on Pinterest the other day.


Jenna Ross



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