5 Skin Care Myths

As a recent Aveda Institute graduate and Esthetician I have learned a lot of shocking things about skin care. Surprisingly, a lot of the tricks and tips that you’ve heard don’t actually work for your skin. In some cases you might even be doing more harm than good.  If you’re a victim of one of these myths below don’t panic, I’ve provided some solutions that actually work! 🙂

MYTH: “My foundation has an SPF of 30 so I don’t need to wear a daily facial sunscreen”

TRUTH: I hear this all the time in the beauty industry from clients. The sad truth is your foundation is not enough to protect you from the suns harmful rays. For the younger generations we do not realize how important it is to protect your skin from sun damage. If you want to prevent aging slather on that sunscreen girl. WEAR IT EVERYDAY, RAIN OR SHINE.

SOLUTION: Add a daily SPF 30 facial sunscreen to your morning routine (it should be the last thing you apply before starting your makeup routine). “BUT my face will feel greasy and look shiny”… I promise if you spend your money on a decent facial sunscreen you won’t have this problem. I currently use Aveda’s Daily Lite Guard. It has an SPF of 30 and feels sooo light weight on the skin. Plus it makes an awesome makeup primer. I have oily/acne prone skin and have zero problems with it. Its also cruelty free :))))

MYTH: “I use Vitamin E oil to lighten my acne scars”

TRUTH: This was me last year. I used Vitamin E oil every night in hopes that my acne scars would fade… they never did.  I found this solution while scrolling through Pinterest one night. (I love Pinterest BUT DO NOT FOLLOW SKIN CARE TIPS WITHOUT RESEARCH) It just made my skin breakout even more because Vitamin E oil clogs your pores. There is no scientific evidence supporting vitamin E oil as a lightening agent.

SOLUTION: Look for products that have ingredients known for their scar healing properties such as kojic acid, vitamin C, and black licorice root. These power house ingredients have been scientifically proven to reduce and lighten scars. I’d recommend finding these ingredients in a serum to add to your routine and apply the product daily.


Glam Glow FlashMud Brightening Treatment: Perfect for all skin types. Use as a mask twice a week. ($69)

Kate Somerville D-Scar Diminishing Serum: Perfect for all skin types. Use Twice a day after you apply your toner. ($48)

Aveda’s Bright Concentrate: (what I use) Perfect for all skin types. Use twice daily as a serum after your toner. ($59)

Myth: “I want to shrink my pores.”

TRUTH: Your pores will never shrink. It is scientifically impossible, so don’t fall into the skin care industries claims that their product can. Your pore size depends on your skins specific skin type, and pores can become enlarged due to picking at breakouts. SO STOP PICKING AT YOUR SKIN.

SOLUTION: You can reduce the appearance of your pores with certain products. Primers can really help with this if you have a problem noticing your pores after applying your foundation. Look for silicon-based primers.


Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer: Use as a make up primer or on days without make up to reduce the appearance of your pores. ($30)

MYTH: “I use toothpaste as a spot treatment”

TRUTH: I was such believer of this in high school. As a teenager with moderate acne I would coat each break out in toothpaste. Over night the toothpaste would do its magic (drying out my entire face) and I would wake up to smaller breakouts. However, the pimples did shrink, but they became more inflamed. This irritation occurred from the harsh ingredients in toothpaste. Toothpaste is filled with menthol, alcohols, and sulfates. It may give you the results you want temporally, but in the long wrong it’s more damaging.

SOLUTION: For the girls out there that occasionally breakout use a real spot treatment. Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion is a great spot treatment to replace the toothpaste you’re using. If you’re struggling with constant breakouts a spot treatment is not the solution. Instead focus on your everyday skin care products. Your everyday skin care routine is going to have a bigger impact than spot treating 24/7. You can always make an appointment with a esthetician or dermatologist to get their advice and recommendations for your specific skin type.

MYTH: “My oily or acne prone skin does not need a moisturizer”

TRUTH: EVERY SKIN TYPE NEEDS A MOISTURIZER!! moisturizer help restore hydration to your skin. Oil is not water. Therefore the natural oils on your skin is not creating any hydration. When you leave your skin thirsty for hydration it leads to more oil production as a defense. Oil is used a barrier to keep the moisture in.

SOLUTION: Simply add a moisturizer into your skin routine. moisturizer come in all different consistencies and finishes. Oily girls, look for an oil free lotion. Lotion is the perfect texture for that skin type, and oil free will make sure it’s not leaving that unwanted residue. Add a moisturizer to your routine (day and night)  and give your skin that drink of water its craving. As an oily skin girl myself I enjoy using a cream texture at night for a little extra hydration. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two from this post. If you have any specific skin care questions leave them as a comment below. Skin care is one of my favorite topics. I would love suggestions for any skin care subjects you want me to cover. Look out for my next skincare post all about my journey to clear skin.


Jenna Ross





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