20 Things I Learned At Twenty

My twenty-first birthday is coming up, so naturally I’ve been reflecting on the past year. At age twenty I learned some pretty hard lessons. I decided to follow my dreams, and start on a new path. I’ve decided to share with you the lessons I learned. It’s easy to read these and go oh duh I know that, but you truly can’t understand these lessons until you experience them first hand. I can’t wait to see all the lessons I have to learn in year twenty fun.

Everyone is worthy of God’s love.

Yes you are worthy of God’s love. No matter your past he will always love you. You just have to open your heart up to accept his love. Remember not to judge those who change their life around and open their hearts to God. I hate when I hear people say “so and so posted a bible verse today. Like who does she think she is… she’s not a church girl”. Believe it or not she is just as worthy as God’s love as you are.

Our planet is precious. Treat it well.

Our beautiful planet is suffering from our bad habits. It is our responsibility to clean up our act. Recycle the things you can. Invest in a reusable water bottle. Bring tote bags for groceries instead of using plastic bags. Donate items to Goodwill instead of throwing them in the trash. All of these actions are so simple yet they make a huge impact.

There is something called seasonal friends.

Some friends are only a part of your life for a particular season. You will always be thankful for that friendship and the memories you shared. However it was important that you two went your separate ways. Who knows you guys might be friends in another season of life, but for right now let them go.

There will always be another party.

FOMO is a thing and it sucks. I used to be the kind of person that felt obligated to be at everything. Then I realized that it wasn’t the end of the world if I stayed home. I actually enjoyed spending my time doing other things then staying out late with my friends. Now don’t get me wrong I will always be a social bug, but now I don’t feel that FOMO feeling. Because realistically there will always be another party or social event. So stay in and don’t feel guilty about it.

Spend your money on experiences not things.

When you look back on your life thirty years from now you won’t remember buying that trendy top you only wore a handful of times. However you will remember going on that fun trip with your girlfriends, or seeing one of your favorite artists in concert. This year I was lucky enough to travel to cool places, and see a handful of my favorite artists. Those experiences have turned into memories that will last a lifetime.

Choose the path you want.

I knew I always wanted to do something in the beauty industry, but didn’t know where I wanted to start. I decided to put a pause on my college education, and start down a new path. That decision took me two years to make all because I was worried about what others would think. Why should their opinions matter? It’s my life not theirs, so I followed my heart and started on a different path.

Food is fuel.

I love food like everyone else, but my mindset about food has changed a lot this year. I don’t need to count my calories, go on a diet, or worry that carbs make you fat. I shifted my concern to eating whole foods that were filled with nutrients. I eat when I want and what I want as long as its actual food and not processed junk. Now don’t get me wrong I still treat myself every now and then, but I think a lot more about where my food comes from now.

Revenge is never the answer.

Revenge is just this ongoing circle of evil. You are so much better off walking away. I used to think walking a way showed weakness, but I’ve come to realize that only those who are strong can.

Mondays aren’t that bad.

I’ve fallen in love with Mondays this year. I used to dread them, as soon as Sunday night rolled around my mind would begin to stress about the upcoming week. Mondays have now become my restart button. Sunday night I plan out my weekly goals. If I got off track with my healthy lifestyle, guess what Monday I get o restart. Instead of dreading Mondays look at them as the day to start out a wonderful week.

Things always get better.

If you are facing something challenging or maybe you’re in a dark place just remember it will always get better. If we never suffered we wouldn’t ever feel happiness.

Don’t settle.

Weather it’s in a relationship, your career, or your education. Never settle.

People can change.

Maybe not everyone, but there are those that can. It will take time. Changing will never happen over night. Especially those of us in college. A lot of people have some growing up to do. So instead of holding grudges over them or casting judgement just think that in time they could change. perhaps they just having some maturing to do.

Always do your research and check your sources.

In a world with endless information just a click away it’s important to also be aware that you can’t trust everything you read. Always check your sources and don’t trust just one article. Read and find out as much as you can. Remember knowledge is power.

A fake tan is better than skin cancer.

Here’s the crazy skin care lady coming out in me. I used to be obsessed with getting a tan over the summer or anytime I was going on vacation. Why do all that damage to our skin when there are other alternatives out there. Still enjoy summer but remember to always wear sunscreen, and even though you’re not getting burnt you’re still doing more harm than good. Thank me later when you have beautiful smooth skin in your 50’s while others your age look like their brown leather handbags.

Don’t change your views to impress others.

Living in south and being a vegetarian is hard. People look at me like I’m crazy, and I constantly hear people say “now that can’t be healthy”. I began to become ashamed by my beliefs. I would justify it by telling them oh don’t worry I still eat fish occasionally. Then I realized I don’t have to justify my diet or my beliefs to anyone. Once I started standing up for what I believe in people actually praised me. I’ve had people tell me that is one of the traits they admire about me the most. Even though I surround myself with people who may disagree, I will never conform to fit in.

Find a creative outlet.

During my twentieth year on earth I decided to make sure I made time to be creative. I began to bible journal, which has now become one of my favorite ways to spend time with the Lord. Find your special creative outlet. It’s a great stress reliever and perfect way to just spend time with yourself.

Detox from social media.

Just like how I like to detox my body, I also like to take a break from social media. This year I started deleting social media apps that I didn’t enjoy, like twitter. I have completely done away with it. I realized that twitter seemed to host the most drama and negativity, and I don’t even miss it.

Time only gets faster the older you get.

Time is flying by and it seems to get faster and faster each day. This year I’ve tried to stop wishing days away. I might have a fun event coming up on Saturday, but I no longer try to rush the days leading up to it. Our time on Earth is limited so make the most of every minute.

God knows exactly what he’s doing.

No matter what’s going on in your life trust that God knows what he’s doing. Maybe this hardship you’re going through is to teach you a lesson. Now, whenever I get into a situation where my mind is over thinking every little thing. I stop trying to come up with a why and just give my trust to God.

Love and except yourself.

At twenty-one I can truly say I love myself inside and out. You might think that makes me cocky, but actually it jut means I’m no longer insecure. I embrace my flaws, and look at them as motivation. I look in the mirror and feel confident in my skin. Since I’ve been able to fully love myself I am able to give my best to everyone else. I feel happiness for others success instead of jealousy. I enjoy building others up, hoping that they can find the same fulfillment in self love.


Jenna Ross



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