How to Bible Journal

Bible journaling has quickly become my new favorite hobby. There is something so magical about getting creative with God. Today I want to share with you how easy it is to do. You don’t have to be an artist, or have fancy art supplies.

How I Got Started

My little sister was the first person to introduce me to this form of art.  I was inspired by her to begin my own journey with Bible journaling. I began to realize that it was not only a fun process but also a great way to study the Bible. There is something about visually looking at a verse that makes it easier for me to remember. My sister had a fancy Bible made specifically for journaling, but I decided to start in a sketch book. I would practice illustrations and writing verses, but it never really stuck. My sketch book began to collect dust, and I went back to my old way of Bible studying, until something told me that I needed to invest in an actual Bible journal. I went to Lifeway with $25 in my pocket excited to look at all the beautiful Bibles. I quickly found the Bible journaling section, and was shocked by the prices. Most of them were well over $40. A huge feeling of disappointment came over me. I’d have to come back when I had a little more money to spend. Then as soon as I was about to walk out I realized a sign that said “40% off select Bibles”. Underneath the sign was the perfect Bible journal for me. God had my back that day (like he does everyday) and made sure I got my hands on a Bible journal. Ever since I have been thanking him daily by putting that Bible to use by turning the pages into pieces of artwork. (below is the Bible journal I’m currently using)

Single Column by Crossway ESV



First select your journal. This can be as simple as a sketch book or as fancy as a leather-bound Bible journal. Remember you can always start in a sketch book and transition to a bible journal like I did. After you have a place to create your art work you will need a few supplies, and I’m sure you have some of these lying around your house. You can use so many different techniques, get creative. Colored pencils are  affordable and easy to use. I went on a scavenger hunt through out my house and collected every colored pencil I could find. I ended up with a huge collection. Paints are an easy way to add color, I like to use water-colors or acrylics. A lot of people like to use stickers and diecuts. A little hack is to print them, there are tons of free sources online.



Once you have your journal and some basic art supplies, it’s time to get inspired. Inspiration for Bible journaling is everywhere, and my entries are from different sources. Sometimes I’m inspired by a sermon that I watched online or listened to in church. I might see a journal entry on Instagram that I want to recreate in my own way. I’m currently reading the book The Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst. Her book is filled with beautiful verses and scriptures. My favorite way is to just read the bible and find a verse that speaks to my heart. Below is my first entry that I just came up with on the spot.

Genesis 1:3 Water-colors and a black marker.

The Process

I begin with turning on my Christian playlist I made (I’ll link it below for you if you want to rock out to some Jesus music while journaling). Then I pray about the verse or scripture I’m about to illustrate. I spend a few minutes just talking to the Lord. After my soul is satisfied I start getting crafty. I like to start by sketching out in pencil, that way if I make a mistake I just have to erase. Then I’ll fill in color with either paint, colored pencils, or another coloring technique. I like to outline the verse or illustration with a black marker after I’m done coloring to make it stand out. Lastly, I embellish with stickers (making sure I date the entry) and create a bookmark for the page.

Mark 16:6 Colored pencils.

Words cannot explain how fulfilling this way of art will make you feel. It is the perfect way to spend one on one time with the Lord. It has helped me form a stronger connection to scripture and my faith. I like to think of my Bible journal as my faith’s scrapbook. I am able to give verses that have touched me a permanent place in my Bible. So grab a journal and start your creative journey through faith. Your soul will thank you later.

P.S. I’ve linked a few things below for you. My “Glory to the Highest” playlist I listen to while journaling, and my Pinterest board where I save all my bible inspo.

It is not beauty that endears, it’s love that makes us see beauty..png


Jenna Ross



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