You Are What You Eat: Skin Edition

Hey y’all! Today I want to share with you ways to enhance the appearance of your skin from within. I have always been intrigued with how diet impacts your skin. Skin is the largest organ of the body, so chances are if you eat a poor diet and drink little water your skins going to show it. Any nutrients and water that you intake is going  to the other major organs first, then if there is any left it goes to your skin. So, if you really want to see a difference in your skin you’ll need to make a lifestyle change. Here are five foods that are proven to help the skin and easy ways to integrate them into your lifestyle.


I know what you’re thinking.. duh and rolling your eyes. It’s common knowledge that our body needs water to function properly, and when it does it shows in our complexion. However, I bet you’re sitting here reading this dehydrated. Chronic dehydration is such a big problem in U.S. (which I find ironic because we are a nation with endless water supply) Many of us drink coffee, juice, and soda when we feel thirsty, so exchange those beverages with water. Water is needed for your cells to function properly, and when you drink the right amount for your body your skin cells rejoice. Water removes toxins from your body, possibly helping your body flush out that bad break out. For ladies that want liveliness back to their skin, drink water. Water can plump up your skin, adding back that youthful appearance. Do some easy math to make sure you are drinking the required amount for you body weight (divide body weight by 2 then add oz to the end of the number).


Jazz up your water. Make drinking water fun and tasty by adding fruits and herbs. My favorites currently are watermelon with mint and blackberries with lime. They taste great, hydrate your body, and look beautiful. Also if you find yourself craving soda try sparkling water. My favorite is LaCroix. They have so many different flavors, so I’m sure you can find some that fit your taste buds. While out with my friends at a winery, I brought lemon LaCroix and added some raspberries, pretty and tasty. I also recommend investing in a water bottle that you keep with you 24/7, mine is my Hydro Flax. It holds 320z of water and I take it everywhere, so I make sure I always hit my water goal.




EFA’s are essential for healthy skin function. Your skins lipid barrier is filled with good oils for your skin that keeps moisture in and external factors out. Sadly sun exposure and other external factors deplete these oils from our skin. To help out and protect your lipid barrier fill your diet with EFA’s, like salmon (make sure it’s wild caught), walnuts, and flaxseeds.


My favorite way is to get EFA’s into my diet is by eating salmon. Salmon is my favorite fish, and there are so many different ways to prepare it. You can throw it on the grill, bake it in the oven, our buy it smoked. I’ve loved adding a balsamic glaze to it, which is so simple to make. Just blend together lemon juice, coconut amino acids, and a dash of honey. If you aren’t into fish don’t worry, make a homemade trail mix filled with walnuts, hempseeds, and dried fruit.





For any girls dealing with acne as their main issue this super food is perfect for you. Hormonal acne is harder to get rid of since the issue is caused from within the body. This amazing powder is known for its ability to help balance hormones. (don’t worry maca isn’t adding another hormones into your body) It actually contains amino acids which are the building blocks for our hormones. It’s also proven to improve circulation, and that is exactly what acne prone skin needs some help with.


You can add maca to just about anything. I like to add it either in my smoothies or make an iced maca mocha. All you need is a cold brew of coffee or iced coffee,1/2 cup of non-dairy milk of your choice (I like coconut milk), 2 tsp of your choice of sweetener, (I used  stevia), 1 tsp of maca and 2 tsp of cocoa powder. Mix it all together in a blender. Pour over ice(I like to freeze coffee in an ice-cube tray the night before) and bam you have your morning coffee and  a skin super food in one.



If you checked out my food diarys last you week you would know I’m pretty much obsessed with acai bowls. Guess what not only is this  super food trendy, but  it also does wonders for you skin. Acai  is jammed packed with antioxidants. It has 33 times more antioxidants than red wine and grapes. So put down your glass of wine and pick up some acai. What do antioxidants do for our skin? They protect our skin from the devil,,, free radicals. Free radicals cause tissue damage which result in fine lines and wrinkles.


Acai comes in a few forms. You can either buy it frozen in packets or in a powder form. I have so many other super food powders that I like to buy it the frozen form. Let the frozen packet thaw and then throw it in a smoothie or make an acai bowl. Also a lot of juice places are adding these to their menu. Check out you local juice shops if you want to try one before making them at home. Trust me after your first bite you’ll be hooked. For all my Nashville people you have to check out the Franklin Juice Company.









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