How To Get Back On Track

I recently fell of my health kick. I let life get in the way of reaching my goals which is so easy to do. So press the restart button with me and lets get back on track living a happy healthy life.


I think we can all agree the hardest part is getting started. Instead of waiting for the beginning of the week start right now.


To be successful you need to make a plan. I like to write the goals I want to achieve for the week in my planner. Then everyday I cross off the goals I completed. For example I like to track my water intake, workouts, and if I ate balanced that day. Then if I achieve the goals I put a smiley face beside them.


Life is too short to not eat the cupcake….. and the pizza. Enjoy your favorite foods but not 24/7. This is why I love cheat days. I set myself three cheat meals or one cheat day a week. This makes the healthy lifestyle maintainable. I can go out to dinner with my friends and split a big cookie without feeling like I wrecked my health journey.


I feel like the common way we find motivation is by following our favorite fit gurus with 6 pack abs, but I’ve learned that is not always the best motivation. Looks shouldn’t be your main focus. I like to look for motivation by learning whats in my food. Netflix has so many great documentaries that make you think twice about what you put into your body. I make Pinterest boards of healthy recipes, and new workouts to try in the gym. This makes me excited to get back on track.


Lastly, stop feeling guilty. The hardest thing about getting back on a health kick is letting your past guilt go. Remember if being fit was easy everyone would be doing it. You might mess up today, but let it go and start fresh tomorrow.






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